How to maximise your sales at a Christmas fair

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Here are a few simple tips to help you boost your seasonal sales this year. It’s worth taking a bit of time to think about how to stand out at a busy event, and catch the eyes of the shopper:

The presentation of your stall is key. People passing by might only glance briefly at your stall, so making it look as attractive as possible is important. Shoppers want to know what you are selling and how much it is by just looking. Can you add some height to your stall so it stands out at a busy fair? Maybe some lights and some decorations too! Think about the overall look, and practice the set up at home before the event to get it right.

At this time of year, shoppers are looking for gifts, so it’s a good time to think about your packaging. If you have attractive packaging then let the shoppers know by putting it on display! Could you offer a gift-wrapping service? Little touches like this could make all the difference!

Special offers:
Give the shoppers a deal they can’t afford to miss! If you have a special offer on the day – let shoppers know, put a sign up and tell them about it! Could you offer a free gift pack if multiple items are bought? Everyone loves to get a great deal!

Promo codes:
For various reasons not everyone is able to make a purchase on the day, but you can lock in that sale after the event by offering a promo code for use on your website after the event – Maybe offer free delivery?

If you make what you are selling, do the shoppers know this? Set up a demonstration so people can see how talented you are and engage with you!

Selling food? The more delicious the samples look and taste the better, encourage as many people as possible to try them, and why not take the samples to the shoppers? If there is a sitting area get over there and give the people taking the weight off their feet a little taster, then point out where they can buy from!

And finally….
Make sure everyone knows where to find you! Business cards are a great way to tell everyone about your Facebook, Twitter, website etc and it means they can find you again if they want to purchase more items in the future!

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